Saturday, 18 of January of 2020

Our past productions

In June 2010, a cast of 6-10 year olds learned about such virtues as faithfulness, humility and persistence when they presented “Horton the Elephant,” an original musical from the Children’s Theatre Company of New York City catalog, with music and lyrics by Frank Sanchez and Mehr Mansuri and additional music by Lory Lazarus. The script was based on the original story by Dr. Seuss. Katie Baldwin and Sarah Heier were the directors.

In February 2011 we produced two more plays from the New York City catalog, both stories that relate to issues of unity and justice. Our 5-8 year old class presented “The Ugly Duckling,” directed by Katie Baldwin, with music and lyrics by Frank Sanchez, Mehr Mansuri, and the theme song, “Don’t Laugh at Me” by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin. The script was based on the original story by Hans Christian Anderson, with modern “ugly duckling” situations added to a “play within a play” format.

“Henry Box Brown” told the story of an important event in American history, a famous slave escape in 1849. Directed by Christopher Brown, the script included music by Frank Sanchez and Mehr Mansuri, additional music and lyrics by B. Layne and Eric Dozier, with book and lyrics by Mehr Mansuri.
Credits for dramaturge and consultant to the script go to Eric Dozier and Michael Harley.